Urgent!! How to Calculate LTIF and TRCF

Mon, Jan 30 2012 07:34am GMT 1
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Hello guys,

Please how do I calculate Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF), and Total Recorded Cases Frequency (TRCF)?

I will really appreciate your help.

Mon, Jan 30 2012 10:50am GMT 2
Ahmed Fagarai
Ahmed Fagarai
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A lost time injury or disease (LTI):

Is a work-related injury or disease that has caused a worker to be absent from his or her regular work following the day that the injury or awareness of the disease occurred.

To calculate the lost time Injury Frequency (LTIF):

1. Sum all the lost time accidents cases that you have during that period you want to calculate the LTIF if the you are preparing a monthly report you have to get the total man hours worked for that month(exposure hours) & if you are preparing 1 year report ( through out 2011 for example) the man hours will be the total of LTI through that year & the total man hours through that year for example if your = 6 LTI cases in March 2011 & your man hours is 765,462 man hours

2. use this formula:

LTI Freq. Rate = Total LTI X 1,000,000 / Total Man hours

LTI Freq. Rate = Total LTI (6) X 1,000,000 / Total Man hours (765,462) = 7.8


3. TRCF :Total Recordable Cases Frequency

TRCF = Number of LTI + MTC + RWC X 1,000,000 / Man hours for the month

(LTI) Lost Time Injuries

(MTC) Medical Treatment Cases

(RWC) Restricted Work Cases

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philip pulguma
philip pulguma
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hi its good to join the site....how do i calculate LTI for a small new business operation


Wed, Jul 24 2013 06:36pm IST 4
Sapar Klichev
Sapar Klichev
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What means LOPC and what is the definition of it ?
Thanks :)
Thu, Jul 25 2013 09:56am IST 5
Muhammad  Faraz
Muhammad Faraz
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Dear Ahmed, Can you tell me how can we calculate Total Man Hours ? for example we have 100 employees in our company and I have to calculate LTIF for one month so How can I cal calculate the Man Hours for Month ? Regards, Faraz
Sat, Jul 27 2013 07:14am IST 6
Sanda  Aliu
Sanda Aliu
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Dear Faraz,

Below sample calculation as per your question.

Total manhours worked - Total No of employees * No of hours worked * No of worked days

Example - Employees (100), Hours worked (8hrs), No of worked days (26 days)

Calculation - 100 * 8(hrs) *26 = 20800 (Manhours for the month)

Thus, formula for LTIF Lost Time Injury Frequency =
No of Injuries * 100,000 divided by No of hours worked

Example Case,
Total Employees 100, Hours worked 20800, Accident 1 case / 2 injured person ( You are to consider case as 1 and not 2 injured persons, Lost Time Day 5days,
Calculation, Freq Rate = 1 *1,000000 * divided by 20800 = (48 Ans) Approximately

Severity Rate = No of days Lost * 1,000000 divided by hours worked = 5 * 1,000000 divided by 20800
= 240 (Ans) Approximately

Sanda Aliu

Tue, Oct 22 2013 08:56am IST 7
Ibra aljunaibi
Ibra aljunaibi
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Sun, Feb 1 2015 02:13pm GMT 8
Muftah Elaherish
Muftah Elaherish
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Hi Guys
when i calculat the TRCF and have a figure lets say 3.0.....what this fgure means. appreciate your support elaboration


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