Occupational Health and Safety in Nigeria

Wed, Oct 28 2009 11:15am GMT 1
Ehi Iden
Ehi Iden
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I am Ehi Iden, I live and work in Nigeria. It is such a great excitement to have people of the same profession gathering together to network and share ideas. Kevin is a genius, let's give it to him. well thought out.
Colleagues, we have a peculiar situation in Nigeria where there are no enabling laws guiding Occupational health and safety practice, we have people getting injured and maimed at the course of work and nothing is being reported by the the employer because they have not had a law that have mandated them to do so. Employers and employees do whatever they like at the expense of the generality of Nigerians and workers especially.
We have started a process of meeting with the Government and making them see reasons why OHS is a necessity in the National Labour Force, we are also doing training to build and develop local capacity in OHS so we can have a group of people that can make reasonable input in our attempt to dialogue with Government.
In putting our selves together to achieve this, we want to know if there is any one within the network who has gone through this before and possibly give us a lead or a guide on how to go about it to achieve a positive result. Any one can contribute to this.


Thu, Oct 29 2009 10:23am GMT 2
Joshua  Origho
Joshua Origho
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Hello Ehi, I am Joshua Origho from Nigeria. Good to know your vision for the OHS in the National Labour Force. I feel it is high time Nigeria move forward in terms of occupational health and safety. These are the areas I think can establish a sound health and safety in Nigeria. 1) A national authority of occupational safety and health should be establish. Among other functions> It should defines safety and health within firms i.e. HSE adviser Formulate enabling Act which will replace statuary provision which when breach will attract various sanction. The interest of the public should be taken into account in the new enabling Act/legislation. Safety and Health Inspectors should be form under this new authority to effects its functions. Workers should be more involved in safety and health at thier workplace i.e there should be a legal duty on employers to consult their employees on safety and health matters. Every firm must have a certified safety adviser. These are some of the areas I know can bring us to a starting point in Occupational Health and Safety in Nigeria. It is high time Nigeria protects its citizens from hazards generated from work activities but I think it must start from the floor of the house of Assembly. I will want to talk to you more. Send me a mail on kutejoe72000@yahoo.com hope to hear you. Joshua Origho
Mon, Nov 2 2009 10:30pm GMT 3
Ehi Iden
Ehi Iden
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Hi Joshua,
Thanks for your useful contributions. Please try and keep in touch, you can reach me on ehi@ohsm.com.ng or 0803 339 1618, 01 4080509.

Ehi Iden
Wed, Nov 4 2009 10:40am GMT 4
Mazahir Hussain
Mazahir Hussain
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Hello Ehi Iden, Good Day,

Hope this email finds you well there. I am a HSE professional, curently free, available and looking a job. Kindly, it is requested to contact me on my email safetyengg2000@hotmail.com and or my mobile no. 0092-300-3371775.

Kind Regards

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