I chose to look the other way

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Video based on the poem

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  • Declan O Neill
    by Declan O Neill 7 years ago
    Excellent video Kevin
  • bobbi carrington
    by bobbi carrington 7 years ago
    Perfect video.
  • Brenda MacKay
    by Brenda MacKay 7 years ago
    Amazing video, it gave me chills....
  • David Gunniss
    by David Gunniss 7 years ago
    Excellent video! On my last project, the poem was used regularly at meetings and posted in all welfare cabins and office buildings. I would like to think it saved a few lives.
  • krishna kumar P
    by krishna kumar P 7 years ago
    A MUST SEE video for all Safety Professionals.
  • David Burns
    by David Burns 6 years ago
    Awesome how can i get a copy of this video, I distributed the poem many tears ago with great effect. Access to this video could bring great value to team building and developing safety cultures
  • Shaun  Baird
    by Shaun Baird 6 years ago
    I too would like to get this movie, if anyone can assist, please let me know
    Thanks for posting!
  • Kristijan Vuletic
    by Kristijan Vuletic 6 years ago
    great video..any chance to get a copy?
  • Rizwan Rasheed
    by Rizwan Rasheed 6 years ago
    oh kevin what a great video .
  • Martin Barbieri
    by Martin Barbieri 5 years ago
    This kind of material for safety training in very useful.
    Thank you for share it with the safety community
  • mukti ali
    by mukti ali 5 years ago
    great video..thanks
  • mukti ali
    by mukti ali 5 years ago
    anyone could assist to get this movie, pls let me know ; mukti.ri45@yahoo.com
    This really great value that we can share to developing safety behavior...
    appreciate if anyone would share the copy. Thanks
  • John  Mc Donnell
    by John Mc Donnell 5 years ago
    very good video on how people are influenced and how the mind works.
  • Rodel Pabustan-Grad IOSH , SIIRSM , RSP
    Hello Guys!,

    Such a great video. You can download this video using real player. you can download real player online for free. after installing real player on your computer, an icon will appear on the corner right of the video screen. just click Download this video and it will automatically download this video to your computer.

    I hope this info helps.
  • Andiefiel  Tudio
    by Andiefiel Tudio 4 years ago
    This video valued millions of life Thanks Kevin we will used it regularly on every meetings and include to our HSE Induction
  • John Madden
    by John Madden 4 years ago
    wow amazing clearly gets the point across
  • keith cook
    by keith cook 3 years ago
    Is there anyway I could possibly get a copy of this video or maybe what link must I go to
  • Kingsley Siakpebru
    by Kingsley Siakpebru 1 year ago
    please i need to download this video for a presentation on thursday, how do i download
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