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eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Original video from this site: It is a must watch for people working on construction site where SAFETY must become their culture.

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  • Michał Ozimek Grad IOSH
    by Michał Ozimek Grad IOSH 5 years ago
    Thank You Kevin for adding this recommended by me film. It is realy good film to make people aware. Congratulation harsco !
  • Vinod Joseph
    by Vinod Joseph 5 years ago
    Very good film.
  • Ion Calfiquied
    by Ion Calfiquied 5 years ago
    Nice and very helpful ! Thanks a lot !
  • shahbaz` qaiser
    by shahbaz` qaiser 4 years ago
    nice and thanks for share
  • Samuel Nwobodo
    by Samuel Nwobodo 2 years ago
    Nice and thanks for sharing. please, how do one download a video from here?
  • Macdonald Chuks
    by Macdonald Chuks 1 year ago
    Very nice piece for all to see. Thanks for sharing
  • saheed alani
    by saheed alani 1 year ago
    Very lovely video, infact a good tool box video indeed...
  • Leroy  Langton
    by Leroy Langton 2 days ago
    The people who work in the construction site should follow the safety measurements. In the blogs of top essay writing services there are many tips which would describe the safety steps for the workers. Its also nice that you have shared the video for the workers.
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