Safety Film

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Original video from this site: It is a must watch for people working on construction site where SAFETY must become their culture.

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  • Michał Ozimek
    by Michał Ozimek 4 years ago
    Thank You Kevin for adding this recommended by me film. It is realy good film to make people aware. Congratulation harsco !
  • Vinod Joseph
    by Vinod Joseph 4 years ago
    Very good film.
  • Dragos VERDES
    by Dragos VERDES 3 years ago
    Nice and very helpful ! Thanks a lot !
  • shahbaz` qaiser
    by shahbaz` qaiser 3 years ago
    nice and thanks for share
  • Samuel Nwobodo
    by Samuel Nwobodo 9 months ago
    Nice and thanks for sharing. please, how do one download a video from here?
  • Macdonald Chuks
    by Macdonald Chuks 2 months ago
    Very nice piece for all to see. Thanks for sharing
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