A Day in the Life of a Principal Health and Safety Consultant

Scott Crichton shares with us what it is like being a Principal Health and Safety Consultant for a day

My days are very varied which I love.  When I was at school I remember thinking, I don’t want a 9-5 repetitive job and I don’t want to go to the same place for 40+ years (not that there is anything wrong with this, it’s just not for me) and I wanted to travel and meet new people.   So, I guess I have found my dream job. 

My days are so varied as a consultant.  I can be with a wildlife trust one day, a school the next and then with an engineering or manufacturing client.  I can go from carrying out audits to quality assuring a colleague’s work piece to, delivering IOSH training, creating enhancements to our service delivery or delivering breakfast briefings/webinars for delegates. 

I can travel anywhere within South Midlands and have in the past been known to go to London or Swansea!  I love consultancy for the varied challenges that present themselves.  I’ve seen first-hand the Bloodhound Supersonic car, machines that make lego, been on a golf course and chatted about the infamous Gloucestershire cheese rolling.

Thank you so much Scott, it was great to hear about the work of a principal consultant and also to know you have found your dream job!

Scott has previously been a NEBOSH examiner for certificate level qualifications, is the Chair of Governors at an infant school and is separately an Associate Governor of a Community Federation comprising of two primary schools.

Scott is keen to network, mentor and share his ideas with other professionals.

Specialisms: Education (including Multi-Academy Trusts and Independent schools) & Town & Parish Councils.

If you would like to ask Scott a question about HSE in the public sector, or if you would like to pose a question to another member of the HSE People Panel get in touch – info@hsepeople.com