ADT partners with Safepoint and calls them “the most advanced” lone worker solution on the market

Security Giants ADT have announced that they are “really excited” about their new partnership with lone worker safety experts, Safepoint.

In a public announcement, the 150-year-old security company said that “keeping staff safe when they’re working remotely” is incredibly important to them and that Safepoint provides “the most advanced and comprehensive” lone worker solution on the market.

The move comes as a major vote of confidence for lone working and staff management company Safepoint who, since 2017, have worked hard to modernise the workplace safety sector.

So what makes Safepoint stand out against other solutions? In this article, we’ll look at the existing lone worker landscape, and how the UK-based company has been making waves.

Lone working, a growing issue?

A lone worker is defined as working out of sight or earshot of their colleagues for some or all of their workday. Lone workers are generally seen as being at higher risk of experiencing violence or a serious injury.

Due to this increased risk, lone working is taken very seriously by the UK government and, as such, the UK has some of the most stringent lone worker legislation in the world.

It is often claimed that lone workers make up one-fifth of the UK workforce but Safepoint think that number may now be much higher –especially in a post-covid world.

This potential increase can be attributed to the rise of alternative modes of working –such as working flexibly, remotely, or from home. Similarly, jobs that were once handled by a team, are more frequently managed by just one or two people.

This trend is reflected in the latest regulations. In 2022, the British Standards Institute updated their lone working guidance to highlight the importance of protecting those who work at home –as well as those who work in small groups.

A modern solution for lone workers

Since 2017, Safepoint has established itself as a pioneering solution for protecting lone workers. It is this focus on quality and innovation that has led to their unique partnership with one of the UK’s premier security companies.

And it is not just ADT that have noticed Safepoint’s unique approach to lone worker protection. Safepoint is currently trusted by the NHS, Mitsubishi, Michelin and Age UK. Even the aforementioned British Standards Institute, who literally wrote the guidance on lone worker safety, use Safepoint to protect their staff!

Safepoint has been called “incredibly easy to use” by The East of England Co-op, a “simple piece of software that can save lives” by Farmers Weekly, and an “innovative app” that could “dramatically reduce” lone worker deaths by The Telegraph.

What makes Safepoint so good at protecting lone workers?

Safepoint helps companies protect and organise their staff through their award-winning apps and wearable devices, as well as a 24/7 emergency response service.

If a Safepoint user is injured or unresponsive, a smart alarm (complete with the user’s live location and safety information) is sent to a team of expert responders.

Within ten seconds of an alarm being triggered, the response team will attempt to check in with the user. If at any point the team feels that there is a genuine emergency, they are trained and qualified to liaise with the emergency services.

More than just alerts

On the face of it, this system is fairly simple. Through fall-detection, time-out and manual panic alarms, a user can call for help and instantly be connected to a team of professional responders. The ingenious aspect is how Safepoint has combined these safety features with a host of team management and logistic functions.

Through the Safepoint app, supervisors can not only see their team’s live location, but also what task they are working on, when they expect to be finished and, of course, if there are any active alerts.

These features are helping businesses transform how they manage their remote workforce. What’s more, by helping keep teams productive and organised, Safepoint is actually keeping them safer.

ADT-powered protection

Another reason why Safepoint offers unprecedented protection is their exclusive partnership with ADT. At the start of 2023, Safepoint announced that the 150-year-old brand would be taking over their emergency response service via their purpose-built Alarm Receiving Centre.

If a Safepoint user is injured, under threat or unresponsive, their emergency alert will be handled immediately by one of the world’s oldest and best-known security companies.

The partnership has already proved incredibly popular to Safepoint’s user base –and with good reason. After all, ADT’s residential division protects over 240,000 customers and enjoys an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot, while its business alarms are often rated the best in the UK.

Smart wearable devices

Alongside their award-winning app, Safepoint also offers clever wearable devices that can help provide even better protection.

These smart panic alarms can be worn on the wrist, on a lanyard, or attached to keys and allow the user to quickly and discreetly call for help. With just a tap, Safepoint’s wearable devices will trigger an alarm and start sharing the user’s live location and safety status.

Safepoint’s wearable devices can also detect if a user has had a fall (this is often called a man-down feature) and so are perfect for those who work at height or on uneven ground.

These devices are currently being used by carers, engineers, delivery drivers and shop attendants, to name just a few. They are ideal for anyone who works face to face with customers or clients.

The all-in-one system for remote and lone workers

The combination of Safepoint’s intelligent staff protection and team management, with ADT’s unparalleled experience in handling emergency situations, makes for a really powerful system.

In the words of their CEO, “ Safepoint is completely unique in that it brings together all the benefits of a lone working system with some really helpful team management features. That means Safepoint is not just about keeping workers safe; it is also about keeping teams connected and organised in an ever-more remote working environment. We’re aiming to be the all-in-one solution for keeping staff safe and organised –wherever, whenever and however they want to work.”

Try Safepoint for free

Those interested in Safepoint’s ADT-backed lone working and staff management system can start a completely free trial at

Safepoint also have exclusive discounts for charities and enterprise customers. If you run a charity or wish to protect more than 25 workers, please get in touch  to find out what discounts you are entitled to.

Alternatively, those interested in learning about the Safepoint platform can book a demo at, call 0808 178 0102, or email Phone lines are open during normal UK office hours.

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