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App of the Month – September – WorkerSafety Pro


Improve the safety of your employees and contractors at risk using specially built apps for the phone they already carry. Workers can now be protected whether they work at height, work alone, or in dangerous environments, using these Health and Safety solutions.

WorkerSafety ProLoneWorker Pro, and FallSafety Pro all work to provide a safer work environment. When help is needed, these apps can send for help automatically, quickly, and easily. Just start the app and it runs in the background. When help is needed, organisation emergency contacts are notified in seconds.


By providing safety protocols for lone workers, including scheduled check-ins, worker down detection, and a panic button, people working alone, during the day or night, are working safer. With additional safety protocols for people who work at height, including automatic big and small fall detection, either inside or outside, they will get the help they need with response time minimised, while maximising the potential for a better outcome.

Many industries in the UK are already using these iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch solutions including Energy, Transportation, Public Utilities, Construction, Facilities Management, Broadcasting, and Healthcare. Oil and Gas, Wind, Natural Gas, Elevator, Trucking, Railroad, Electric, Water, Real Estate, Entertainment, Health Providers, and many more organisations are benefiting from the safety that these solutions provide.

The worker safety solutions include apps, a cloud-based service, and a web portal for easy management, that work for large and small companies.

Safety Managers and Advisors can efficiently protect people at work with these tools that will help improve the safety culture at a company by providing an additional layer of security and responsibility that both employees and managers enjoy


Try WorkerSafety Pro, LoneWorker Pro, and FallSafety Pro for free.

Review the resources for organisations to see how easy it is to protect people in a matter of minutes. Training materials and videos are provided. You may also request a demo or use the self-demo script with the free download.

Email sales@fallsafetyapp.com for more information.

Platforms: iPhone App Store, Android Google Play Store, Apple Watch App Store


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