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The Benefits of Health & Safety in the Construction Industry

Health and safety is by far one of the most important considerations all businesses and workers must take before any construction project begins. It’s crucial that all health and safety aspects have been considered before anybody steps foot on the construction site.

Health and safety within the industry is particularly important as the nature of the work is prone to hazardous situations and can be considered dangerous without the correct training. Statistics show that there were 38 fatal injuries to workers and 6 to members of the public in 2017/18 within the UK, along with 39 fatalities to workers and 4 to members of the public, on average, each year over the last 5 years.

This naturally leads to a loss in working hours and can also result in workers feeling unsatisfied within their job roles. There are a number of major reasons why health and safety is important in the construction industry, and the team at Raised Floor Solutions delve a little deeper within this article.

Construction Injuries

Over the last year, there were an estimated 58,000 work-related cases of injury in the construction sector, which is a hugely alarmingly number. A vast portion of these construction site accidents were due to slips, trips and falls, as reported by firms in 2015/16.

However, many workers were also injured whilst lifting and handling items or falling from a height on the construction site – 47% of which, over the same five year period, actually resulted in death. This clearly shows the sheer magnitude of safety in construction and there are 2 major ways that you can prevent such accidents from occuring:

  1. Training – many instances of injury happen on the construction site as workers have not had the relevant training before beginning a project. Effective training ensures that all employees are aware of the risks on a construction site and the best ways to avoid any such situations.
  2. Tools – having the correct safety tools is also hugely beneficial whilst in the workplace and helps to avoid any avoidable injuries. Safety clothing and fall arrest harnesses are just a few examples that can reduce the risk when working on site.

Businesses Must Take Responsibility

If you’re a construction company and fail to have health and safety procedures in place, you are in most situations breaking the law. This would mean your business facing possible fines, being sued or even havings band put in place which would prevent you from operating at all, depending on the risk levels involved.

If the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) find that the building site does not meet the relevant health and safety regulations, they have the ability to take legal action against your firm. Plus, if an employee felt they have not received satisfactory health and safety training, they might reach out to the HSE who would then launch a formal investigation to resolve the issue.

Also, if a worker were to be seriously injured during work on the construction site, you may also face the problem of paying compensation, and therefore the project may be delayed due to a lack of finances or because of investigation from the HSE.

How Your Business Can Benefit

Health and safety is of course important for the safety of all construction workers, but there are many other long term benefits and factors that your business can gain from. By implementing appropriate health and safety procedures, your employees are much more likely to feel satisfied within their roles.

When workers have the necessary knowledge and tools at their disposal, it can boost morale whilst leading to higher levels of productivity. With less chance of workplace injury injury and illness, your business also benefits from an increase in productive working hours, which over time leads to increased profitability.

In the long term, this will also help your business to build a positive reputation and it will naturally help to retain members of staff, of which many could be crucial to the overall operation of many projects.

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