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HSE People Speaks to AnchoRock Solutions about their New Covid-19 Toolkit Software

AnchoRock Solutions develops safety and compliance software for the construction, manufacturing, and utility industries. HSE People caught up with Chris Coghlan, Director of Business Development to find out more about their new Covid-19 Toolkit.

HSE People: Hello Chris, thanks for joining us today. Can you please give us some background to AnchoRock Solutions and what you do?

Chris: No problem at all, thank you for the opportunity to share with you what AnchoRock Solutions is about and how we are helping companies during this difficult time. So AnchoRock was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing software solutions to the construction industry. Since 2018, AnchoRock has been solely focused on developing digital solutions geared around jobsite safety and compliance. Our engineering team consists of world-class engineers whose sole focus is delivering a software that is easy to use for field staff while robust enough for safety teams and ownership.

HSE People: Fantastic! We have to ask, has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you and if so, how?

Chris: Like many businesses, we’ve had to shift our focus and learn to operate more efficiently. While our core business model and strategy has not changed, the way we interface with customers has. From a product perspective we’ve had to be proactive with safety tools we knew would be helpful to the marketplace (COVID 19 toolkit) and quickly develop solutions based on these changes needs.

HSE People:  It is a strange time at the moment and as hard as it is, it has been so uplifting to see that our industry is working hard to create new opportunities and ways to help people. Can you please share with the HSE People members, more about the COVID-19 toolkit you’ve created?

Chris: Of course, Our customer base needed a tool to track compliance with various government mandates regarding COVID-19. We sought to develop a set of modules that any construction firm could use to manage the daily screening and risk assessment process. The COVID Toolkit is a more powerful and effective way to track daily screening than the traditional pen and paper methods. The Risk Assessment module allows for location and contract tracing so that any employee turned away from the jobsite because of a potential COVID infection can trace back where they’ve been on the jobsite and whom they’ve come in contact with.

HSE People: Fantastic. Tracking and tracing is going to be such a vital part of adapting to the ‘new normal’ and like you say, needs to be recorded properly not just with pen and paper methods. How else can the COVID-19 Toolkit help businesses working in the ‘new normal’?

Chris: The COVID-19 Toolkit can help in two key ways: (1) the toolkit allows the contractor to show they are remaining compliant with local mandates and that they are taking the screening process seriously and (2) the toolkit provides effective way to track who is cleared to enter the jobsite and who is not based on various survey questions. Jobsite spread of COVID-19 is minimized because of the detailed tracking and screening process. Management also has access to metrics and analytics so they can see various sets of data based on jobsite, date range, etc.

HSE People: It sounds like a really excellent and important piece of software, thank you for telling us more about it. We know it might be a difficult question but we have to ask, do you know what is in the future for AnchoRock?

Chris: Well, we will continue on our mission to become the most comprehensive safety and compliance software available in the market. Beyond releasing new modules and workflows that help construction safety professionals, we will also begin deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the massive amounts of data our software collects on a daily basis. Our software will then take this data and provide deep analytics and leading indicators that can truly change the way construction safety is managed.

HSE People: Thank you so much for your time Chris, finally, how can HSE People members find out more about AnchoRock and the Covid-19 Toolkit?

Chris: You are very welcome, thank you for your interest in us and what we do. To find out more people can visit our website at anchorock.com, like our company page on Linkedin or contact me on for a product demonstration – chris@anchorock.com

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