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PFERDERGONOMICS – The focus is on people

People are at the focus of all the processes that a hand-guided tool from PFERD passes through during its creation. This applies from research and development right through to production of the commercially mature product.

Orientation towards the most economic cost-effectiveness of the tools for customers remains one of the main targets of the high-quality manufacturer PFERD.

Tough working conditions, rough applications and high physical demands characterize the world of tool users. In addition, the standards and requirements related to employee health and safety issues are becoming more and more complex all the time, further increasing the demands made on employers.

This leads to changes in requirements of the tools used. PFERD supports you in meeting these challenges and is working hard on the long-term reduction of dust, noise and vibration levels, and on perceptibly increasing tool haptics

Tool selection affects the working situation of the user and his complete working environment. It not only has a great influence on the most economical problem solution, it also has a major influence on the health, safety and comfort of the tool usersTo meet these tough demands, PFERDERGONOMICS offers solutions for lower vibrations, reduced noise, reduced dust load and optimized haptics at work.

One good example: The PFERD innovations in the “CC GRIND” family. The convincing features include a very high machining capacity in a very short grinding time combined with comfortable, very low-vibration grinding, extremely reduced dust load and significantly reduced noise levels. With its SOLID, FLEX and STRONG variants, the CC-GRIND product family offers numerous options to ensure that the ideal tool is always at hand for every application and every worker.


Difficult working conditions, tight deadlines and the aim of achieving greatest possible profitability on the one hand, and complex safety regulations and health protection measures on the other have to be carefully reconciled. PFERDERGONOMICS offers a wide range of solutions, because the focus is on people.

PFERD tools offer the user maximum benefit and optimum cost-effectiveness. Its unlimited commitment to premium quality, its reliability as a supplier and its responsible use of resources all make PFERD a dependable and reliable trading partner that operates with sustainability in mind.

With over 8,500 tools for work on surfaces and material cutting, PFERD offers the ideal tool solution for every application.

Each and every day, PFERD tools solve application problems within a great number of industries. Innovations in this area regularly offer considerable added value: not just for users, but for trade as well – PFERD innovations are unique selling propositions!

PFERD product management is constantly updating and further developing the range in line with your wishes and needs. If required, PFERD can develop your own tailor-made solution, always with the aim of attaining the highest levels of cost-effectiveness for you.

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