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Product of the Month – Lifestyle Checkpoint

For forward thinking companies who are implementing a Health and Wellbeing strategy, Lifestyle Checkpoint is a state of the art machine that provides the employee with the facility to take their own health metrics. The results are delivered in confidence, without having to make an appointment or see a health professional. Available in any location 24 hours a day, the machine provides a facility for employees to be able to have their assessment at a time convenient to them. This is particularly important for shift workers, and employees where committing to a specific time or location is difficult. The machine provides advice and guidance, but gives the employee the responsibility for taking actions where needed. The assessment tests the machine offers are:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Height, Weight and BMI
  • Total Body and Visceral Fat
  • Heart Rate



Employees are able to monitor their results over a period of time by creating their own  username and password secured account. Entering their results over a period of time allows them to see the historical results and improvements in the areas they have identified either themselves, or by following advice.

Lifestyle Checkpoint Health & Wellbeing Kiosk

Why Use Lifestyle Checkpoint ?

  • There are an estimated 7 million people living with Cardiovascular disease in the UK (5.8 million of which are in England)
  • It accounts for more than a quarter of all deaths, meaning 160,000 lives are lost to CVD every year in the UK. Approximately 41,600 of these are premature and of working age.


To find out more about Lifestyle Checkpoint check out our website or contact us via sales@lifestylecheckpoint.com

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