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Product of the Month – Safetypoint UK

The Portable, Reusable, Fold-Out Safety Station

Safetypoint is a new product manufactured in the UK, which has been designed as a portable, re-usable, first response safety station.  It provides users with a single location for displaying site Health & Safety information which is easily understandable, well organised and relevant to the site, together with first response kit for use in emergencies.

Creating a new standard? – Safetypoint

Product Benefits:

  • Highly visible, immediately see where to go for first response
  • Demonstrates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • User displays their own site-relevant information
  • Tell at a glance when an item has been used or if a notice is missing – enables the appropriate action
  • Minimises impact of an incident; can be positioned close to the work in progress enabling a quick response
  • Stackable and designed to be transportable in most commercial vehicles
  • Re-usable and hence sustainable

To find out more check out their website – www.safetypointuk.com

Email them – sales@safetypointuk.com

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