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“HSE People provides us with a direct avenue to the audience we want to talk to. Allowing our content to stay on top of such a large group of health and safety professionals allows us to share our educational and insightful content to the majority of the group, giving us a larger impression rate than just posting normally. We have seen the positive results in our analytics and will continue to share our content through HSE People.” – Effective Software


“We’ve seen great success through HSE People’s event marketing. We collaborated with HSE People to promote our monthly webinar and had excellent registration and engagement. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this organization in the future.” – Gensuite LLC


“HSE People is a great resource for us to get our message in front of a large number of people in the health and safty industry. We’ve used them multiple times and we’ve had good results each time.” – SafetySkills


“We would like to say a massive thank you to HSE People for all their support. They have been absolutely amazing and have been a great help running our competitions with us. The social media campaigns they have run for us both on Twitter and Facebook are really appreciated and our advert and link our their website has given us some excellent traffic! These guys are awesome. Thanks again.” – South East Workwear Ltd


“We were excited to be the HSE People ‘Product of the Month’ and the value of the exposure that we received from of the largest health and safety organizations was absolutely phenomenal! The spotlight helped create a buzz for our marketing and advertising and opened up our product to a whole new audience as HSE People blasted out the ‘Product of the Month’ promotion. Working with HSE People was also great and wasy!” – Craig Bengel, STAC Enterprises             



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