AI System Boosts Safety at Sellafield Nuclear Site

A revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) system is set to significantly enhance workplace safety at Sellafield, Europe’s largest nuclear facility located in West Cumbria.

Human-Form Detection for Enhanced Protection

Safety Shield Global’s innovative “human-form detection devices” will be installed on mobile operated plant at Sellafield. This technology has the potential to be rolled out across the UK nuclear industry. The system, known as the Safety Shield Artificial Intelligence Human Form Detection system, underwent successful testing at Sellafield last year before its official deployment this month.

Leveraging AI for Safety

John Corrie, representing Safety Shield Global, commented on the system’s significance: “With extensive experience working with Sellafield’s health and safety culture, we recognised the importance of trialling and adopting this system. It offers unparalleled protection for site personnel.”

Collaboration for Maximum Safety

Corrie further commended the collaborative effort: “G&AM Lawson Plant Hire Ltd played a crucial role by working closely with Safety Shield and the client to install the system and train their engineering teams. This forward-thinking partnership, within the fast-paced development of our ultra-safe nuclear facilities, ensures the highest levels of safety, meaning everyone goes home safe after their shift.”