Announcing the Top Health and Safety Influencers of 2020

Working in Health and Safety has never been an easy occupation. Protecting peoples’ welfare and the environments they work in requires diligence, passion and strength so we are proud to recognise just a few of those individuals who influence us.


In no particular order –


Dr Lisa Lande, Licensed Psychologist and Owner of Petrichor Consulting

Dr Lisa Lande has over 25 years experience coaching, training, consulting and speaking with a particular focus on the human/social/organisational and technical factors and optimising safety and performance.

Dr. Lande has worked around the globe – in North and South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific – and continues to influence broad-based and cooperative change efforts internationally. She is an active member of the American Psychological Association (APA), the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), the Association for Psychological Science (APS), and the Resilience Engineering Association (REA).

“Lisa speaks eloquently about safety, culture, and performance change with her sparkling personality, helping her to make any subject interesting. She has travelled and worked around the globe which means she has a natural ability to engage with people across different industries, cultures and communities. Working with her is an absolute pleasure.”

Subhash Bhatt, Safety & Health Practitioner

Subhash Bhatt is a Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner (CMIOSH), a Fellow of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (FIIRSM) and a Recognised Safety Practitioner (RSP) of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. Subhash has extensive experience working across different industries including residential and refinery construction projects. He is currently Country Manager, Production Safety (India) at Netflix

Subhash is also a prolific networker who is happy to communicate at all levels and understands the importance of making technical information easy to comprehend.

“Subhash is a cool mind person who is very much passionate about what he does. HSE enthusiastic, Team Leader, Human”


 Anna Feringa, Workplace Mental Health Consultant, Author, Trainer & International Speaker

Anna Feringa is an award-winning International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Workplace Mental Health Consultant. She is passionate about mental health in the workplace, utilising her extensive experience to help employers prevent injuries and create a positive culture.

She speaks publicly about a range of topics including Mental Health awareness, Leadership and Mental Health and Best Practice Workplace Mental Health.

“Anna has long been championing mental health in the workplace well before it experience the current explosion in need and popularity. She is degree qualified and comes from an evidence based practice working with some of the best known contributors in Australian organisational psychology. Love her content, her passion and ways of working”

Sam Goodman, Founder of HOP University

Sam Goodman (also known as the HOP Nerd) is a former firefighter turned safety consultant and also the founder of HOP University who provide on-demand coaching and online courses on subjects such as safety, leadership and organisational performance. HOP stands for Human and Organisational Performance, a science-based approach to understand how and why people make mistakes and what can be done about them as an organisation or individual.

Sam is also a Podcaster, sharing his insight into human and organisational performance and tackling health and safety topics on his regular HOP Nerd podcasts.

“Sam’s mantra is “making the world a better place to work.” Through his Hop Nerd podcast and H.O.P. University Sam is offering training and information to other safety professionals at little to no cost in an effort to help us improve what we do, thereby improving other’s lives.”

Mike Scotland, Founder of manUP speakUP and Community CleanUP

Mike Scotland’s background is in offshore safety having worked in the oil industry up in Aberdeen for over 7 years. After experiencing mental health struggles himself, Mike decided to create the manUP speakUP group to support those who are affected by mental health problems. Initially focusing on battling the stigma of mental health in the oil & gas, energy and offshore industries Mike’s message has been spreading far and wide. The Community CleanUP movement came about to not only remove litter and clean up local beauty spots but also to create a culture of  healthy body/healthy mind and positive engagement.  The group has expanded with weekly clean ups taking place across the globe

 “Mike’s infectious smile and positive attitude makes him a natural leader of the manUP speakUP and community CleanUP movements. Despite facing difficult times and pressures himself he fights to boost others’ morale and keep them positive. A genuine influencer, mental health advocate and a good friend.”

Abby Ferri, Author, President of the Ferri Group and Co-Founder of the Safety Justice League

Abby Ferri has a huge online presence in her own right and as a third of the Safety Justice League. She harnesses her social media presence to influence and educate while offline she is a Safety & Risk Control Consultant, an Expert Witness, a writer and much more. Abby holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Health and Safety, is an OSHA Outreach Trainer for Construction and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP).

With more than than 17 years working across industries including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, beverage and retail Abby has a huge portfolio of experience.

“Abby is both an academic professional and also a creative force which is why she is so well considered in the industry. Making safety interesting can still be a real challenge but Abby seems to do it effortlessly. She’s a real team player who encourages those around her to succeed.”

Islam Adra, HSSE Professional and Advocate

Islam Adra is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and a Chartered Member of IOSH with over 12 years experience across high-risk industries such as construction, oil & gas and manufacturing.

Islam is a certified lead incident investigator and was recently Chair of the UAE branch of IOSH and receives regular invitation to speak at conferences and forums. He is recognised as an HSE advocate in the region, especially due to his amazing video productions that raise awareness about HSE.

“Islam Adra raised the profile of HSE in the Middle East region when he was Chair of the UAE Branch of IOSH. An initiative that really stood out was the first ever Women in Safety event in the region which he organised to promote more females to take on HSE as a profession.”


Jonathan Dempsey, Founder of Red Laces and Ambassador of SAFETY4GOOD

Jonathan Dempsey is a prominent and exciting figure in the health and safety world with a wealth of experience and skills. He is a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner, a Fellow of International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, a Corporate Member of Chartered Management Institute and a Prince2 Registered Practitioner.

Jonathan works with companies to solve problems using creative and strategic risk solutions. His commercial awareness means he can see things from a business perspective and also communicate how to overcome any issues, effectively and successfully.

“Jonathan is the most passionate person I have ever encountered in health and safety. He lives and breathes keeping people safe while sharing his extensive insight with others. Few people have the ability to communicate such important and serious information in such an interactive and at times, entertaining way. He’s a real character!”

Dr Rebecca Michalak, Managing Director, Keynote Speaker and Author

Dr Rebecca Michalak has over 20 years experience in psychosocial hazard management and risk factor management having worked in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Rebecca founded PsychSafe Pty Ltd where her and her multi-disciplinary team specialise specialise in creating and sustaining high performance cultures that minimise ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘where’ well-being risks and provide a place for employees to thrive.

Dr Michalak is considered a strong influence on workplace safety, health and corporate governance across the whole of Australia.

“Dr Michalak works at the nexus between safety, psychology and HR. She publishes high quality content associated with how the three disciplines compliment and detract from one another. This next decade her work from the past 5 years will become seminal, especially on occupational violence and aggression in the workplace.”

Stephanie Benay, Safety Systems & Assurance Director, Chairperson of Women in Occupational Health & Safety Society 

Stephanie Benay is one of the most influential people in the Canadian health and safety industry. She is a CRSP accredited expert and also the Chairperson of the Women in Occupational Health & Safety Society (WOHSS). Stephanie has worked in both public and private sectors and champions networking to share and gain skills with others.

With over 20 years experience in the health and safety industry Stephanie now shares her huge knowledge and experience by hosting her own podcast ‘Let’s Talk Safety with Stephanie’. Stephanie also speaks at events, gives keynote addresses and runs workshops.


“Stephanie is an inspiration to safety professionals and in particular female safety professionals. Her track record speaks for itself and I love the fact that she hosts her podcast so that others can benefit from her experience.” 

Thank you to everyone who nominated  someone to be one of our top health and safety influencers of 2020!  HSE People is proud to recognise those who have gone above and beyond to inspire, mentor and influence people within the health and safety industry.


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