Appleby Horse Fair sees School Close after Health and Safety Risk Assessment

A primary school is set to close its doors because of Appleby Horse Fair.

Appleby Primary School has announced that the school will be closed on Friday (June 9) because of the annual fair. The school is closed following a Health and Safety assessment in relation to the fair.

Special measures are also in place all week to keep the children safe. Their website says: “Following a health & safety risk assessment additional safety measures have been put in place from 5th to 9th June.”

However, on Friday the school will fully close its doors. The website says: “School closed following the completion of a health & safety risk assessment.”

The fair is the largest gathering and celebration of the Travelling community, attracting thousands of people every year. Some people will have already set off on their annual journey to the fair.

Held in June, it can attract more than 10,000 visitors over its four days – and is one of the most colourful events held in the region each year. While Appleby Horse Fair takes place from Thursday to the following Wednesday, it is essentially a weekend event.

The dates for the 2023 Appleby Horse Fair are June 8 until June 14. The Fair is billed as the biggest traditional Gypsy Fair in Europe, and is commonly likened to a large family gathering. The horses are washed in the River Eden and trotted up and down the ‘flashing lane’ most main days.