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Hammer and Togs review Sonis® 1 Adjustable Ear Defenders 27dB SNR

Sonis® 1 Adjustable Ear Defenders 27dB SNR The Sonis® range of ear defenders have been designed by the JSP R&D team. Working with a leading UK acoustic engineering research facility they have developed an ear defender range that peaks at an unbeaten 37 SNR. The over-moulded headband has a built in comfort area with ventilation. […]

Safety risks exposed by nuclear bomb convoy exercise in Scotland

An emergency exercise imagining an explosion spreading radioactive contamination from a nuclear bomb convoy crash in East Lothian was hampered by communication breakdowns that would have put people at risk. An official assessment of the exercise by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been passed to The Ferret. It reveals that paper masks worn by […]

Yoga teacher on phone in cycle crash to get payout

A PEDESTRIAN knocked unconscious when she stepped in front of a cyclist while staring at her phone is set to win compensation. Yoga teacher Gemma Brushett was hit by Robert Hazeldean when she stepped into the road near London Bridge, a court heard yesterday. Both were knocked out in the collision — with Ms Brushett, […]

007 Health and Safety NEWS!

No health and safety probe for new James Bond movie! After a controlled explosion at Pinewood Studios left a worker on the as-yet untitled movie with minor injuries. Health and safety chiefs have declared there is no case to answer following an injury on the set of the James Bond movie. he Health And Safety […]

Death toll in Indonesia ferry sinking rises to 18

JAKARTA: The death toll from an Indonesian ferry sinking has risen to 18, authorities said Tuesday, the latest maritime accident to hit the archipelago nation. The overloaded passenger boat was carrying more than 60 people when it overturned Monday in rough seas near Madura island, off Java’s north coast. Indonesia’s search and rescue agency said […]