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JSP Surefit™ Thermal Safety Helmet Liner Review by AskAdy.com

AskAdy reviews the The SureFit™ Beanie    Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liner Previously called the Beanie The SureFit™ Beanie is fully approved to be worn with all JSP EVO® Safety Helmets. It prevents workers from wearing incompatible and dangerous alternatives such as hoodies underneath their helmets. It provides all day comfort and warmth. Thermal insulation The SureFit™ […]

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From the Hard Boiled® Hat to Today’s JSP Vista Helmet

When were the first hard hats manufactured? How has the design changed through the years? Who manufactures the six million “skull buckets” sold each year to protect workers’ heads? The hard hat concept comes from Bullard, a hundred-year-old, family-owned manufacturer of personal protective equipment, specializing in industrial head protection, including hard hats, firefighter head protection […]

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BLH STOP DROP™ SAFETY BARRICADING SYSTEM New  2019 advanced polymer Barricading System  designed  to combat one of the world’s most common causes of work place injuriesand fatalities; Being hit by a falling Object. Our products are adaptable, cost effective also easy to install with no preparation required. BLH Stop Drop – Minimise the risks on […]

Don’t Wear Hoodies Under Your Hard Hat

In many situations, such as working on a construction site, it is a requirement to wear suitable head protection such as an EN397 industrial Safety Helmet. At this time of year, we start to see a large number of workers wearing their hoodies or beanie hats under their safety helmets to keep them warm. This […]

Above the neck protection – what’s new?

Above-the-neck PPE is one of the most essential ways of keeping people safe in the workplace. The term includes all types of safety helmets, safety eyewear, ear and respiratory protection, all of which are constantly being innovated and updated by good manufacturers. Key trends The market is seeing several significant advances. One important trend in […]

World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2019

Thursday 10th October 2019 is world mental health Day. What does this mean to you individually or in terms of your workplace? I have all my life lived with the”gift” of poor mental health, why gift I hear you cry! Because when you manage to get to the point of realisation that what you have […]