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Short term memory loss could be to blame for some motorcycle accidents, according to Nottingham University study

Drivers are five times more likely to forget seeing an oncoming motorcycle than a car, according to researchers at the University of Nottingham. Their study found that drivers see but almost immediately forget that a vehicle is approaching up to 15 per cent of the time. In some cases, drivers have absolutely no recollection of […]

One in 20 homes has potentially lethal gas and electrical appliances. Does yours? Thousands of homeowners risk injury (and worse) by not having regular safety checks carried out. Here’s what you need to know

A shocking 26,000 Brits are living in dangerous homes because of unsafe gas and electric appliances, British Gas engineers have discovered. Hazardous appliances were found in one in 20 homes they visited in the first seven months of the year. Perhaps even more disturbing is that many people admitted they would risk injury – or […]

Total Security Summit – 14th & 15th October

Total Security Summit 14th& 15thOctober, The Midland, Manchester If you’re a professional within the security sector, you need to make a date for the Total Security Summitthis autumn. The Summit is a unique two-day event which allows senior security professionals to meet with innovative and competitive suppliers to the industry. It takes place on the […]

Fireman Sam axed as fire service mascot ‘because he is not inclusive enough’

Fireman Sam has been dropped as a fire service mascot, following claims he is not inclusive enough. Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service said it made the decision after receiving negative feedback about the mascot, which is based on the popular children’s TV show. Now the force’s other mascots – fire extinguisher-shaped Freddy, Filbert and Penelope – […]

Briton dies in Grand Canyon tandem skydiving accident

The Briton died after going into free fall during the tandem skydive over the Grand Canyon. Credit: AP A 55-year-old British man has died in a skydiving accident in the US, according to local police. Christopher Swales went into free fall during a tandem skydive near the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona on Sunday. His […]

Farmers affected by mental health issues urged to seek help

Agriculture carries the highest rate of suicide above any other occupation Those farmers going through a tough time have been encouraged to seek help as World Suicide Prevention Day gets underway today. The worldwide initiative, which takes place on 10 September ever year, aims to shine a spotlight on action to prevent suicide. One person […]