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Salus September Issue Sponsored by Red Laces

  Features Include –    Winning strategies for conducting remote audits and self-assessments In a COVID-19 world, many EHS professionals are looking for the right tools to fit the unique needs of their organizations. How can you monitor for compliance if you can’t travel to (or, sometimes, even physically enter) your offices and/or job sites? […]

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Health & Safety Automation: How Automation with ERA-EHS Is Innovating Safety at Work – HSE People speaks with Gary Vegh

The key defining feature of Industry 4.0, the next technological leap in manufacturing, is automation. Manufacturers have increasingly embraced the use of robotics and smart technology to streamline manual labor and are benefiting from increased productivity and revenue. However, the Health & Safety sphere is still playing catch up to the assembly line, with the […]

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Hand Sanitiser and Surface Cleaner – How To Choose Safely

An Introduction to Surface Cleaner Products and Hand Sanitisers Surface disinfectants and hand sanitisers are a great way to protect yourself, your family and your employees during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. These products have been around for a while but due to their increased importance in protecting yourself and others, but it is very […]

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HSE People Speaks to AnchoRock Solutions about their New Covid-19 Toolkit Software

AnchoRock Solutions develops safety and compliance software for the construction, manufacturing, and utility industries. HSE People caught up with Chris Coghlan, Director of Business Development to find out more about their new Covid-19 Toolkit. HSE People: Hello Chris, thanks for joining us today. Can you please give us some background to AnchoRock Solutions and what you do? […]


Join us at Safety Connect 2020

Safety Connect is a three-day virtual conference and expo dedicated to leadership, emerging trends, and innovations in the Environmental, Health & Safety Industry. Safety Connect is FREE for Attendees! Highlights of Safety Connect Virtual Event: Breakout sessions and live Q&A with Industry Experts. Exclusive VR Breakout Session – Network with peers in Virtual Reality! Online […]