Boeing Review Finds ‘Disconnect’ on Safety

Boeing Sees Big Airline Fleet Growth From Middle East | Aviation International NewsA recent report commissioned by the US government has raised serious concerns about the safety management systems at Boeing, intensifying the scrutiny on the American aerospace manufacturer. The investigation highlighted a “disconnect” between senior management and regular staff, indicating a lack of effective implementation of safety-related messages and behaviors throughout the company.

The review was initiated in the aftermath of crashes involving Boeing planes in 2018 and 2019. Boeing, in response to the findings, pledged to carefully examine the assessment and incorporate lessons learned into their ongoing efforts to enhance safety and quality programs.

The company, a major player in the global aviation industry, has faced increased pressure since a recent incident where a section of one of its passenger jets detached in mid-air, necessitating an emergency landing. This event, narrowly avoiding serious harm, reignited concerns about Boeing’s manufacturing processes, echoing the criticisms following the fatal accidents in 2018 and 2019 that claimed 346 lives.

The expert panel, convened in the aftermath of the earlier crashes, acknowledged Boeing’s efforts to improve but identified potential “gaps in Boeing’s safety journey.” The report highlighted that some Boeing employees were reluctant to report problems due to concerns about retaliation within the existing reporting framework. Additionally, the company lacked a clear system for reporting issues and tracking the resolution of those concerns.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced its intention to review the report’s findings. Currently investigating Boeing’s manufacturing processes triggered by the January 5th incident, the FAA has temporarily restricted the company from expanding production of its 737 Max planes.

Boeing’s challenges are expected to result in delays in delivering new planes to airlines, potentially causing a rise in ticket prices. Ryanair has already warned of a possible 10% fare increase due to these delays. Other airlines have also expressed frustration with the ongoing issues. In response, Boeing has announced changes in leadership, including the replacement of the head of the 737 Max program and the creation of a new senior vice president position for quality.