Booths at The HSE People Virtual Exhibition

What does a booth look like at a virtual event?

Essentially a booth is a page on the platform where we will direct attendees and they can connect with you live or via a call-to-action button. Your booth will include your Company bio, Twitter and website links.

Do I have to man my booth throughout the whole event?

No. With the support of the organiser (us) we can help you switch between live feed and a pre-recorded video. Even with a pre-recorded video playing you can still interact with attendees using the live chat facility.

How else can I interact with attendees?

You will have a Call-to-Action button on your booth where attendees can register their interest (you will receive their email address) or you can direct them to your website.

What happens after the event?

You will receive the recorded chats from your booth so you can follow up with any leads.

Want to find out about hosting a booth at our virtual event starting from just £250/285? Email us today or call us on +44 1572 768 834

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