Bradford City Centre Hotel Fined £24,000 for Health and Safety Failings

Peel Hotels, the owners of the iconic Midland Hotel in Bradford have been fined £24,000 having admitted a number of health and safety failings. The owners were told that were it not for the Covid-19 pandemic then their fine would have been a six figure sum, considerations were made due to the situation the hospitality industry is currently facing.

Peel Hotels, a national hotel chain appeared at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates court yesterday where they were charged with four offences relating to health and safety and asbestos failings. Gary Peacock, a former manager of the hotel had reported the issues to Bradford Council’s Environmental Health department back in 2018 shortly after he resigned from his job at the hotel.

Including costs to be paid to Bradford Council the defendants will have to pay a total of £30,000. On behalf of the company, a representative pleaded guilty to charges including being aware of asbestos-related material and related to the safety of people not in the employ of the hotel.