BSIF Pilot Scheme

Become a member of the BSIF and help to shape the future of the UK Safety Industry.

Traditionally BSIF membership has been seen as being for businesses that Manufacture and Distribute PPE and Safety Products, promoting the necessity of compliant, certified and up to task products and informing the market of the importance of purchasing from reliable, educated and trustworthy sources, that’s what BSIF members are.

Whilst this remains at the forefront of BSIF’s ethos, evolution is coming! BSIF are delighted to announce a membership expansion pilot to embrace employers, duty holders and safety professionals. The opportunity to join the BSIF comes with a multitude of benefits, not just for those who become members, but for the industry as a whole, a direct link between suppliers and buyers all under the same collaborative Federation.

BSIF see the future of the Safety Industry as one that allows suppliers to work with employers, duty holders and safety professionals to enhance the standard of protection for the UK workforce.

The BSIF Pilot scheme has been designed to shape how this relationship will work, the early entrants to the new type of membership will have a unique opportunity to influence the direction of travel for the BSIF and help in the creation of an all-encompassing Federation. So, what does the pilot scheme offer to new and potential members, in this expanded approach?

  • Access to a manned, independent PPE information help line
  • Independent guidance & information on Standards & PPE Regulations
  • The opportunity to receive PPE and Safety industry updates via internal BSIF Bulletins
  • Access to a wide range of informative BSIF white papers, information and knowledge on a password protected Website
  • Access and participation in regional PPE/Safety Equipment development workshops, forums and user groups
  • The opportunity to develop new campaigns/white papers and update existing campaigns
  • Access and discount on BSIF training courses such as “Sourcing Safety”
  • Access to Networking events. Engage with all members from the supply chain and other HSEQ managers/duty holders at multiple events each year.
  • The opportunity to be nominated to the British Standards Institute (BSi) national product standards committees.

The pilot scheme will launch on the 27th June 2024 and run for 12 months with the idea to officially launch the new membership thereafter.  BSIF are now actively recruiting stakeholders from the safety industry to join in this opportunity.

So, are you an employer, duty holder or safety professional that wants to be a part of something seen as groundbreaking? Can your input help to shape the future of the UK Safety Industry? Do you want to be at the forefront of this new initiative in safety and health? If so, contact us today to express your interest in the BSIF Membership Pilot Scheme.

Contact BSIF by emailing or by calling us on 01442 248744.

BSIF, The Trade Association for the Safety Industry.