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Omniscient Safety Innovations

Omniscient Safety Innovations services support organisations by providing the tools and strategies to enable preventative measures, interventions and improvements which help to reduce business costs, prevent accidents, lower lost workdays, increase productivity and morale through effective health, safety and mental health management.  We are based in Aberdeenshire, however our services can be provided across the UK.

As you may be aware the growing concern with regard to mental health is extremely high, both within the workplace and on a personal level.

Evidence suggests that 12.7% of absence can be contributed to mental health conditions. In 2017/18 the Health and Safety Executive released their annual stats showing 15.4 million lost work days through work related mental health. On average for each person suffering took 19.8 days off.

By not addressing mental health, companies are suffering detrimental losses with mental health issues costing employers around 35 billion every year. According to the Centre for Mental Health 21.2bn is in reduced productivity, 10.6bn in sickness absence and 3.1 in staff turnover. However, it is impossible to determine the exact statistics as many mental health issues go unreported.

The Health and Safety Executive also estimate that 20% of all accidents occur due to some form of mental health issue, such as stress, anxiety or mental fatigue. The impacts of these can be significant on health, reputation and financial cost.

With this in mind OSI are very happy to announce we are now able to offer Mental Health strategies these include but are not limited to, workshops, seminars, presentations, cognitive behavioural therapy, wellbeing sessions and techniques, accredited First Aid for Mental Health courses and assessment toolkits. Our Mental Health Strategies can significantly reduce costs, lost work rates, improve productivity and morale.

If you would like to discuss implementation of a bespoke strategy for your workplace then simply talk to our experts who can build a strategy to meet your requirements.

Our First Aid for Mental Health training packages, seminars, workshops and presentations are currently being instructed by our very own BCAc recipient and award-winning health & safety representative, who has a passion for not only teaching and presenting but also in the mental health area.

The First Aid for Mental Health course can be instructed as a standalone element or as part of our complete strategies.

Information on our courses for First Aid for Mental Health;

The course can be instructed on the following levels:

    • Level 1 Award in Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health (Half day course)
    • Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health (1 full day)
    • Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health (all of above, 2 full days)

The full course consists of a multitude of modules, covering a large variety of mental health conditions including;

      • What is First Aid for Mental Health
      • Identifying mental health conditions
      • Providing advice and starting a conversation
      • Stress/Anxiety/Depression
      • Mental health condition
      • Drugs and alcohol
      • First Aid for Mental Health action plan
      • First Aid for Mental Health in the workplace
      • Post-traumatic stress disorder
      • Self-harm/Suicide
      • Eating disorders
      • Personality disorders
      • Bipolar disorder
      • Psychosis
      • Schizophrenia

We are currently able to offer this course onsite at your workplace, the course can accommodate up to 12 candidates at any one time.

Should you require immediate assistance within this area course dates can be discussed to suit your needs, private venues/dates can also be arranged for your convenience.

Omniscient Safety Innovations
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Approved Rack Inspector

Services include expert SEMA approved racking inspections of pallet racking and cantilever racking.  An annual requirement by the HSE, PUWER, HSG76 and several others.  All part of the process for keeping work equipment in good shape.

Nationwide coverage, England, Wales, Scotland with a lead time of around four weeks.