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Established in 1964, JSP® is internationally recognised as the leading manufacturer of innovative ‘above the neck’ Personal Protective Equipment specialising in Head, Eye, Face and Respiratory Protection.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities in 7 factories over 3 continents, JSP® is committed to improving occupational safety, health and well-being of people in the workplace worldwide and has been voted European leader in Industrial Head Protection by Frost and Sullivan.

Through large investment into Research and Development and by listening to end-users, JSP® is constantly taking product development to new levels, designing highly innovative award winning PPE which performs to the highest levels even in extreme environments globally.

JSP® appreciates that PPE needs to be comfortable to wear and ensures their products are lightweight, easy to operate, compatible and are more integrated to fit with other PPE. JSP® safety helmets, hearing products, respiratory and eyewear can be customised according to individual specifications using corporate logos and colour schemes, safety messages, personal names and identity systems.

JSP® operates a BSI® Kitemark scheme for products, the platinum standard for product quality providing a guarantee that every product that JSP® manufactures is from a batch that has been controlled and tested to ensure it passes the relevant standard. JSP® is the chosen brand for workers as they can be confident that by choosing JSP® PPE they are wearing a Tested, Trusted and Traceable product with full technical backup and support.

The JSP® Hub runs seminars and training sessions to help educate wearers of PPE on the importance of protecting themselves against hazards in the workplace and to show workers the correct usage of PPE and the latest JSP® methodologies designed to help them check they are properly protected. For help and advice with the selection of your PPE or if you would like to find out more about JSP® please feel free to contact us.

JSP Safety Europe’s Leading Manufacturer – Made in the UK and now made in Germany!

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ALDEA – The Smart Solutions Company
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VerticalMan App checks the Man Down situation, allows to continuously monitor the posture of the worker. If the inclination exceeds an angle and it is maintained for a period of time, VerticalMan warns locally with a visual and an acoustic alarm and notifies it remotely (via SMS, web service, email, phone or VoIP call ).

The user has some seconds (configurable) to stop the alarm and prevent a wrong remote notification.

The Android device with VerticalMan must be worn on belt with an opportune case for the device.

The application also controls the worker’s immobility, the device’s battery charge and the connectivity availability for remote notifications.

The targets of this system are principally lone workers, who haven’t a colleague and who operate without continuous contact with other people.

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Tilsatec Ltd
Tilsatec Ltd,
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For businesses who want expertise they can rely on to keep their people safe, Tilsatec offer high performance hand, arm and body protection. We manufacture our own proprietary cut resistant yarn – the primary source of mechanical protection, on site in the UK. This means we can deliver maximum performance in every fibre of what we do. Because when our gloves perform at their best, your people can perform at their best.


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    For over 40 years, Petzl has built on its expertise in the design and manufacture of products for verticality and lighting. Today, Petzl designs, produces and distributes millions of products around the world. Building a Petzl product requires expertise in a wide range of materials – textiles, metals, plastics – as well as in specific technologies: plastics processing, sewing, injection molding, forging, LEDs, electronics… This expertise allows us to design equipment that meets both the needs of users and the technical requirements for its use: resistance to impacts, abrasion, extreme temperatures…

    The Petzl research department in Crolles, France, integrates all the fields related to product design: mechanical, textile, electronic, optical, computing and prototyping. Starting at the design and prototype phases, the reliability of the product and user safety are continually evaluated with a strong focus on risks to the user.

    In Crolles, Petzl has labs dedicated to testing verticality products and headlamps. These tests often go above and beyond the required standards to help validate product reliability and user safety. Examples of tests: dynamic fall tests, impact resistance, cyclic testing, performance, headlamp beam quality and burn times. They are complemented by testing in the field for ergonomics and reliability.

    Prospection and inspection
    Petzl’s production sites are based in Crolles, Eybens, and Rotherens, France, and in Rawang, Malaysia. This production infrastructure is complemented by long-term partnerships with key suppliers in Europe and Asia. Our purchasing and quality control teams work closely with suppliers to guarantee a standard of product reliability and quality that meets our strict requirements. During the manufacturing phase, quality control is present at every step of the production chain. It combines automated and human inspections.

    Petzl distributes products to more than fifty countries via a distribution network, subsidiaries and agents around the world.

    Providing solutions for users
    Petzl serves communities of users committed to their activities. Our goals: to assist them with products they can rely on, and to offer them our expertise.

    Petzl is active in the following fields:
    • outdoor activities: climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, trail running, via ferrata, canyoning…
    • work at height: rope access, tree care, energy and networks, framing and roofing…
    • rescue: technical rescue, self-rescue, evacuation on mechanical lifts
    • personal lighting for professionals, for maintenance, for industrial worksites
    • equipment for tactical operations units
    • equipment for adventure parks

    Learn about our entire line of products in detail, and decide which essential tools you and your staff need this year!
    +33 4 76 92 09 00