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James Gorry – Health and Safety Presenter

On October 15th 2005 at a galvanising plant in Dublin James was asked to repair a damaged roof. That morning they had completed the first stage of the process successfully and had taken down the safety gear moving it down site to prepare for another day’s work.
Getting back onto the roof to inspect the next day’s work and knowing the roof he was getting up on James was not wearing any safety equipment, in hindsight he knows that that was not the right way to do it. Slipping in the gutter he fell into the roof and twenty six feet to the ground below. That is the day that changed his life forever.

James awoke paralysed with fourteen broken ribs, lungs half filled with blood and fractured vertebrae. He was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital but despite extensive treatment, James realised that he would never walk again.


Not only did James have to accept he now had a disability, he also had to adjust to no longer working. His house was not suitable for someone in his situation and his friends and family too had to adapt.  Inspired by his experience and determined to raise awareness and prevent the same tragedy happening again, James has channeled his energy into becoming a Health and Safety Presenter and Keynote Speaker.
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