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Cruise Companies Collaborate on New Health and Safety Standard


Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and Royal Caribbean Group, two of the World’s biggest cruise companies have been working together to create a new health and safety standard, after cruise sailings were stopped due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Working with public health experts Mike Leavitt (former Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services) and Dr Scott Gottlieb (former Commisioner of the US Food and Drug Administration), the two US-based cruise companies have created the ‘Healthy Sail Panel’ which will be co-chaired by the two experts.

There is no doubt that cruise holidays will have to undergo significant changes to ensure the health and safety of cruise passengers. Onboard safety will need to be improved and amended before ships can return to safe sailing.

The panel has been working for nearly a month and will relay its findings to the two cruise companies by the end of August.

Both Royal Caribbean Group and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings have said that the outcome of the collaborative effort will be available as an ‘open source’ for other companies so that new safety measures can be used across the industry.

The Chairman and CEO of the Royal Caribbean Group, Richard Fain said “This unprecedented disease requires us to develop unprecedented standards in health and safety. Bringing aboard these respected experts to guide us forward demonstrates our commitment to protecting our guests, our crews and the communities we visit.”

Frank Del Rio, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings President and CEO said “We compete for the vacationing consumer’s business every day, but we never compete on health and safety standards. While the cruise industry has always had rigorous health standards, the unique challenges posed by Covid-19 provide an opportunity to raise the bar even higher.”

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