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Transform your HSEQ Practice with CARE-HSEQ, the customizable, real-time digital platform that revolutionizes Safety, Quality, and Compliance workflows, wherever and whenever you need. it.

CARE-HSEQ is a cloud-based software solution that streamlines data collection, annotation, labeling, and tracking within HSEQ practices. It offers an all-in-one solution that enables compliance teams in highly regulated industries to modernize their existing manual processes with an end-to-end solution that enhances critical field activities.

With CARE-HSEQ, you can eliminate manual data re-entry and reduce operational risk costs by adopting a more effective and predictive approach. This platform is visual and real-time, providing insights into your HSEQ data that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Upgrade your HSEQ practice with CARE-HSEQ and take your organization’s safety, quality, and compliance to the next level.

CARE-HSEQ Platform Benefits

Ensure Compliance and Focus on Critical Activities with our digital tools

Our digital tools provide assurance of compliance for critical activities, freeing up management time to focus on what matters most. Instant communications are made possible via our underlying rules engine, which operates at the lowest granular level. Real-time dashboards and trackers with role-based access control allow for easy monitoring of tasks and data.

Data captured on the device is safe and secure, with stability and information security being top priorities. Our platform provides the right tools for the right users, ensuring that only certified personnel execute critical tasks. With zero connectivity required, users can capture data anywhere, anytime, even in offline mode or underground.

Our user-friendly tools can be quickly adopted by many users, allowing for unprecedented reach with unlimited users and devices per database.

The platform is configurable for any industry standard, both internal and external, with automatic compliance report generation in any format.

Intervene and close issues on the spot, or create task follow-ups with reminders. Rapidly and effectively respond to incidents to mitigate their impact while improving overall HSEQ performance in the field. Streamline your HSEQ processes by automating safety audits, inspections, interventions, and incident reporting across teams and sites.

Create awareness campaigns and impact work culture by providing a platform for employees to communicate safety concerns, share ideas, and exchange feedback on safety and quality issues. Reduce risk by identifying trends, areas of improvement, and opportunities with access to real-time data and analytics. Make insight-driven decisions to improve operations and reduce the risk of incidents.

Take control of your HSEQ processes with our digital tools, and ensure compliance while streamlining critical activities in the field.

CARE-HSEQ Digital Tools

i-check: ideal for inspections, audits and structured data capturing.

i-quiz: ideal for surveys in the field, where you collect feedback, or you can check subject knowledge.

i-learn: ideal for induction training or a refresher training, and based on your corporate video content.

i-certify: ideal for certifying your teams and keeping track of certification expiry in order to re-initiate refresher training in time.

i-intervene: used during an intervention; within 15 seconds you have captured and labeled all the crucial data in the field around an adhoc observation.

i-config: allows you to configure all the above tools, including content, locations, users, documents, etc.

Customer testimonial

“We are using the CARE-HSEQ platform with more than 2000 users in 9 locations worldwide. Since the day we introduced the CARE digital platform in our operations, we are getting a real-time picture of what is going on in the field with respect to critical operations. We get assurance of what works in the field and what processes and best practices the team adheres to and where there is scope for improvement. Our HSEQ leaders and their teams can leverage the easy-to-use digital tools and contribute significantly to our continuous improvement”.

HSSE Head – Oil & Gas Multinational

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