Health and Safety confidential reporting – Have you say!

HSE People are currently considering launching a confidential helpline where people can contact us anonymously with worries and concerns regarding health and safety issues. We would then share these issues with our community without revealing the identity of the source, for discussion and ideas. Where relevant we could also approach anyone else involved for their comment/input.

As we all know there are already procedures and professional bodies that exist to report concerns to but not everyone feels comfortable or able to raise a problem and sometimes external input and discussion might help.

We are still discussing this idea but as this is YOUR community we would appreciate YOUR thoughts and ideas.

Do you think a way to raise and discuss concerning behaviour/situations anonymously might benefit you?

Would you be happy to share your experience and ideas with someone who is having difficulty?

Do you already belong to a group or forum who are already doing this?

If you would like to contribute any ideas or opinions please add to this thread of email in complete confidentiality.

Thank you in advance and Stay Safe!

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