EcoOnline – One of our Top Ten Health & Safety Influencers of 2021

Established in 2000, EcoOnline has expanded from being a well-established name for chemical management software in the Nordic region to also delivering comprehensive EHS solutions to the European and the US markets. Smart acquisitions, innovative technology launches and a new website have not stopped EcoOnline from supporting their customers as they demonstrate how a company can positively influence an industry. HSE People is proud to name EcoOnline as one of our Top Health & Safety Influencers of 2021.

Helene Melby Brodersen, Head of PR, Brand & Communication

“Megatrends within the EHS area, such as the digital transformation, new EHS thinking, and increased focus on sustainability, worker well-being, and mental health, will require additional attention from the business of all sizes and industries.

Adapting to the “new normal”, businesses worldwide need to respond to new requirements and regulations to protect their worker’s health and safety; and the environment. One example is how the blurred lines between home and work will dominate the traditional occupational hazards (chemical, biological, physical), creating new psychosocial pressures for workers. As a result, firms are now focusing more on human capital, operating safely to succeed in the future. This change in work dynamics is well supported by several initiatives, like “The European Green Deal” and the new EU framework on occupational health and safety.

In EcoOnline, we genuinely believe that a lot of occupational diseases and accidents could be avoided by increasing knowledge and easy-to-use information systems that help companies identify, track, and eliminate risk at work. To assist even more companies in meeting the rapid changes and increased regulatory requirements, EcoOnline has taken important steps to broaden its offering and geographic reach. Investments in product development and improved user experience are essential parts of our organic growth strategy. ​

In Q2 2021, we launched our new eLearning tool to digitize and streamline customers’ environmental, health, and safety (EHS) training solutions. We have also upgraded the EcoOnline platform by making it available in one refreshed user interface to the suite of EHS management  systems and the well-known Chemical Manager solution. ​

Today EcoOnline helps more than 6,700 customers in 86 industries to effectively spot risks and incidents, take corrective actions and protect employees, contractors, customers, and the public. Supported by more than 400 purpose-driven employees based in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the UK, and the US, EcoOnline enables companies to create healthier, safer, and more sustainable working places.”