FREE Webinar – What To Do After A Workplace Incident And How To Avoid Them In The First Place

FREE Webinar – November 28th 2017 – 10am – 11am EST

Risks happen. The question is, do you have a management strategy for when incidents occur? And do you have a system to help prevent them from happening in the first place? To avoid incidents that harm your employees and your company, you should deploy a system that prioritizes the needs of your team. During this free Webinar, our experts will demonstrate how Gensuite’s comprehensive software suites effectively manage workplace incidents and mitigate company risks, enabling diverse companies worldwide to foster safe, healthy and sustainable work environments.

Gensuite’s best practices-driven, cloud-based EHS&S software systems are intuitive, flexible, and powerful!

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This informative session and interactive web demo will include insights on how more than 150 companies in over 30 industry groups today are using Gensuite to enhance EHS&S compliance and sustainability performance and to implement best-in-class management systems across their enterprises. Learn how our solutions can fit your needs and benefit you as a subscriber – and why we are proud of a community that has grown 13X, delivered 100% on-time launch targets, and achieved a 92%+ subscriber retention rate from 2011 to 2017. Register today!

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