HSE People Webinars

Why host a webinar?

* It gives you the opportunity to prove you are a Subject Matter Expert (SME) while highlighting what your products         can do

* HSE People can target those you want in the ‘room’ to ensure you are connecting with the decision makers as well     as those who may use your products

* The contact details of those who register and attend are available for your sales team to follow up on

* Interacting with your audience means you can receive feedback, answer questions and form strong relationships

* HSE People will market your webinar which will not only promote the event but also raise your company profile


Who can host a webinar?

Anyone can host a webinar but companies who may particularly benefit from this interactive marketing solution would include – PPE Suppliers looking to gain more distributors, product suppliers looking to raise their brand awareness and reach end users, companies looking to launch Software or Apps and also training and education providers.


HSE People can assist with the content for your webinar, marketing and advertising your webinar, collating the contact details of those registering and attending the webinar and much more. We can be as involved or uninvolved as you wish, the HSE People webinar packages start from £1,050. For more information email rebecca@hsepeople.com

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