Pound for Piper – 30th Anniversary

2018 is the 30th Anniversary of the Piper Alpha tragedy

Piper Alpha exploded on the 6th July 1988 in the North Sea, killing 167 men – fathers, sons, brothers and lovers. It left just 61 survivors.

That night, there were 4 explosions. The heat rose to over 700C – hot enough to melt your hard hat. Fireballs were coming at you at the speed of lightening. Men jumped from 70ft into the sea, from 84ft, 5 men jumped 175ft from the helideck, 3 died on impact.

It was the world’s worst ever offshore disaster. Within 2 hours the Piper Alpha went from being one of the world’s largest oil producers, to a burning wreckage.

Lord Cullens report published in 1990 made 106 recommendations that have changed the safety culture not just offshore, but in so many industries.

We want to ensure that these 167 men, who lost their lives in such a cruel way are given not just a fitting memorial, but a fitting resting place.

To commemorate the anniversary there will be a service held, on the day (6th July), at the Memorial in the gardens. Unlike other services this one will be held in the evening so that folks who are working are able to attend. The OGUK Chaplaincy is leading the service so full details will be on the website.

Pound for Piper is very lucky to be fully behind a big fund raising event this year that is being run by Graham and Lisa Webster, ‘167 Souls’. There is a Facebook page and that event is being held on Saturday the 7th July, the day after the anniversary.

Pound for Piper Memorial Trust was launched on 28th May 2012 started in a rig in the North Sea by two ladies, Carol Banks and Lucy Norval and soon supported by many others without whom PFP would not exist. We are now a Charity and we are run by a small band of volunteer Trustees. All the money raised by fundraisers goes straight to the Charity.

We raise funds to help maintain the Piper Alpha memorial gardens at Aberdeen’s Hazlehead Park. These gardens provide a place of solace, contemplation and comfort for those who have been affected by the tragedy. We were made aware, through a television programme, that the gardens had fallen into disrepair and felt that we could do something to help make the gardens more respectful as befits a Memorial of this significance to Aberdeen and in fact to the world, given the safety ethic that rose as a result of the accident.

How to Donate

You can donate through the Just Giving page:

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Or donate directly to:

Pound for Piper Memorial Trust

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