Faye Allen Discusses her Up-and-coming Book

The below is an extract from Faye Allen’s book and we are intrigued to know more!

“If you are a woman who has struggled to find your way in the construction industry, you already know that being a woman in construction is hardly an easy career path to have chosen.

More often than not, despite women working hard to succeed in construction, various obstacles seem to continually appear in front of them to hinder their career progress.

Maybe it’s the age-old battle of being a woman working in a male environment dealing with bad behaviours from others or perhaps it’s the glass ceiling where promotion and/or salary increases seem to continually elude you but not your male counterparts.

Perhaps it’s the fact you have had to move job numerous times in your career to achieve one or both of these things or, maybe it’s the additional struggle for flexibility you have had when you returned to the industry post starting a family or while caring for relatives.

These struggles can leave women feeling marginalised, burnt out, anxious and lost, wondering how on earth they can move forward and succeed in their career.

My book will not only explain the issues women often face in the industry, but it will provide guidance collated from the experiences of many women in the sector to enable women to navigate these challenges and create the career they want.

I have surveyed over 300 women who have given me their perspective on how this industry feels to be in….” ©Faye Allen

Faye Allen is a Director within the Construction Advisory practice of J.S. Held and is a highly experienced Chartered Quantity Surveyor with three decades of experience in the construction industry.

Faye is a passionate advocate of equality and especially supporting women in construction. Her book is still being written and HSE People will be keeping members up-to-date when she commences her Crowdfunding campaign to get published next year when we are told she will be releasing the book title and some shocking statistics collated from her primary research. Watch this space!

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To connect with Faye, find her here on LinkedIn.