OPITO approved Helideck Trainings in Poland – Offered by Vulcan Training & Consultancy

Introducing Fire Field – The First Commercial Fire Training Ground with a Helideck in Poland

Vulcan Training & Consultancy (VTC), the largest training centre in Central and Eastern Europe, specialises in training for Oil & Gas and Wind Energy sector workers. Last year we launched Fire Field, the first commercial fire training ground in Poland equipped with a helideck.

For over six years, Vulcan Training & Consultancy has been at the forefront of preparing trainees from Poland and across Europe, offering accredited training programs by OPITO, GWO, IRATA, and IOSH. We offer over 80 accredited courses, including those on safe working at heights, sea survival, first aid, helicopter underwater escape, advanced fire fighting, wind turbine evacuation, and rope access work.

These programs adhere to the highest safety standards in the offshore and onshore industry. Fire Field represents a pivotal addition to VTC’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, offering advanced safety training for fire teams that secure helidecks in the offshore sector globally.


Key Features of Fire Field

1. Full-Scale Helideck:

At the heart of Fire Field lies a fully operational helideck, complete with a burning helicopter simulator. This simulator allows for the replication of fires in various areas such as the cockpit, passenger seats, ceiling, and engine surroundings. Additionally, the facility includes a flipped helicopter simulator, providing trainees with the opportunity to participate in diverse evacuation scenarios, enhancing their skills and readiness for critical situations

2. Innovative Infrastructure Adaptation:

The advanced infrastructure simulates a three-story building structure, featuring internal and external staircases, windows, balconies, terraces, and fire positions. Apart from a flashover chamber, the trainer is equipped with five gas-powered fire stations to simulate machinery fires, ceiling fires, kitchen fires, and burning equipment such as beds or sofas. This innovative setup provides a realistic environment for trainees to hone their firefighting skills.

3. Vulcan complex:

Our training centre is located in Szczecin and together with the Vulcan Hotel makes up a complex that can offer almost unlimited possibilities for cooperation.

The hotel provides 200 beds of high standard – single and double rooms. The hotel has a restaurant where we provide breakfasts, lunches and dinners. 

We also organize transportation from Berlin and Warsaw airports to our centre. Accommodations and transportation can be booked quickly and intuitively by reserving training on our website. Everything in one place!


New Accredited Training Programs

Vulcan Training & Consultancy offers new OPITO-accredited training programs. Training courses are conducted in both Polish and English. Our offers include:

On our website we have a full calendar with training courses and a user-friendly and intuitive booking system. This allows to quickly make individual and company reservations for several people at once. Besides the dates available in the calendar, we offer additional, individual training dates on request. To obtain an additional date, please write an e-mail to michal.sokulski@vulcantc.com

Why Choose Vulcan Training & Consultancy?

With over six years of experience in training professionals in high-risk industries, VTC brings unparalleled expertise and a proven track record of excellence. Fire Field is equipped with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, offering trainees a realistic and immersive training experience. VTC’s wide range of OPITO-accredited courses ensures that trainees receive the most up-to-date and relevant training for their roles. Safety is at the core of VTC’s mission. The training programs are designed to meet the highest safety standards, preparing trainees to handle emergencies effectively and confidently. 

For more information about Fire Field and the training programs offered by Vulcan Training & Consultancy, visit Vulcan Training & Consultancy’s website.