FleetCheck launches new AI driver licence technology

FleetCheck has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) in its software products for the first time in a move to make licence checking faster, easier and more accurate.

The enhancement to its Licence Assured solution enables users to upload an image of a driving licence – which can be as simple as a picture taken on smartphone – and its details will automatically populate within the system.

Peter Golding, managing director, said that the tool would allow slicker and more precise data entry for fleets onboarding new drivers.

“In using AI for the first time within our fleet software, we decided to take a proof-of-concept approach, automating a single task that we know takes time for our users and making it faster, easier and more accurate.”

FleetCheck will also use the same principle across a wide range of other processes within the product range, especially when it comes to sorting documentation and collecting data.

“It perhaps looks like quite a small step forward but the potential applications are extensive, we believe,” said Golding.

He added that the idea behind the technology was straightforward but the coding required had taken a substantial amount of effort.

“What we have learnt about AI in creating this new tool is that employing the technology is not necessarily easy. To get this to a stage where the data is reliably and accurately extracted has taken quite some time. It is not something that we expect to see be rapidly adopted across the fleet software sector for this reason.”

Source – www.fleetworld.co.uk by Natalie Middleton