Ford Launches New “Female-Forward” Workwear Collection With Dickies

Sydney Sweeney has always been the only girl in the shop, but she’s never let that stop her. She knew she wanted to restore a vintage Ford Bronco, so that’s exactly what she did…”

– Ford Motor Company

Emmy Award-nominated actor Syndey Sweeney, known for appearances in Euphoria and The White Lotus, has a proven passion for all things on the tools: especially mechanics. One example of this is her very own TikTok channel, @Syd’s_Garage, which chronicles her journey as she restores a vintage Ford Bronco. In addition, her series of ‘Auto 101’ tutorial videos showed viewers how to check their vehicle tyre pressure, jump a dead battery, and more critical aspects of vehicle maintenance.

On the 22nd of March 2023, Sydney Sweeney launched an exclusive limited edition workwear collection with Ford, in partnership with Dickies, inspired by her 1969 Ford Bronco restoration. She said:

“This campaign is very genuine to me… Through my Auto 101 series and the female-forward workwear collection, I hope to empower and uplift women to pursue their passions, to get involved in the world of cars, and show that anyone can follow their dreams, no matter what they are!”

A reimagined take on workwear

The workwear was designed by Ford and Sydney and produced by Dickies. The collection itself is described as featuring “Sydney’s favourite Dickies styles reimagined to work in and out of the garage” and is made up of four main pieces: trousers (with a reversible waistband), khaki dungarees with pink straps, a corduroy baseball hat with a blue lid, and a baby blue bandana. 

“I wanted to take something that was traditional and elevate it… I think the baseball cap is my favourite because it’s this universal item that can be worn every day.”

Built Ford Proud

Syndey Sweeney is just one driver to be featured in the next chapter of Ford Motor Company’s “Built Ford Proud” campaign, alongside Dee Bryant: “a professional stunt driver defying stereotypes”, and Kai Lenny: “a big wave surfer with a passion for trucks”.

The campaign was launched in 2018 to celebrate a community of Ford drivers who have broken the mould, driven innovation, and defied stereotypes for over a century. This particular campaign chapter showcases how people can use their vehicles to achieve their dreams. Erica Martin, Ford Marketing Communications Manager, said:

“‘Built Ford Proud’ has always been about the immense pride we feel for our vehicles and the employees who build them… Today, we are putting the spotlight on the drivers, because who they are – and what they accomplish with our vehicles – is a huge part of what makes this brand special.”

Source: On the tools