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    Rebecca Lambert

    We have been contacted by a member of our network –

    “I worked for a guy some months back and had to leave due to the safety of the gang. He had lads travelling to and from their work destination in the back of a transit van – NO SEATS! All the lads are laid down on the floor with work equipment, up and down motorways.

    This has been playing on my mind since I left, I think something will end up happening to those lads sooner or later. I reported it to the HSE but I don't think they have done anything.

    Can anyone provide any advice?

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    Stephen Jenkins

    Whoever posted this question did absolutely the right thing: get out and report it. I am however concerned that this employer seems to be getting away with this criminal behavior. In the two months since the post, things may have been sorted. If not, I would try and pursue the matter with HSE. Getting support from a local branch of IOSH might help.
    Kind regards,


    Rebecca Lambert

    Hello Stephen,
    Thank you so much for your advice, I'll pass on what you've suggested.
    Rebecca (HSE People)

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