Free Webinar By EcoOnline – How Can Digitalisation Simplify COSHH Compliance?

Digitalising COSHH solutions within your company will help you manage risk at a more holistic level & give you better visibility over how chemicals are being used. Not only this, but it can empower your employees to make safe chemical choices. To help you learn more EcoOnline have an inhouse expert delivering a webinar on how digitalisation can simplify COSHH compliance.

You will learn:

•             What is COSHH and Important COSHH Regulations

•             Reviewing Assessments and COSHH Management

•             Common Failings and Pain Points with Manual COSHH Management

•             Why Digitalise your COSHH Processes?

•             How can EcoOnline help?


The webinar takes place on Wednesday 14th June at 11:00am. Sign up: here