Free Webinar: Get More Sales for your H&S or FM related Business in Three Simple Steps

Want to grow your business? Sadly, pushy sales tactics don’t work with H&S and FM buyers. Nor does “hope marketing” – putting content out there and keeping your fingers crossed.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are three simple steps to success.

Friend of HSE People, Christian Harris, is hosting a webinar on Friday at 1pm UK time.

1) INTEREST: if you can’t capture the attention of your H&S or FM buyer, you stand no chance of selling to them, right? Learn the three stages to get a consistent level of interest from your ideal buyer.

2) LEADS: you need proven methods of getting your prospects to “raise their hands” in a simple, logical, low-pressure next step which leaves them pre-qualified and pre-sold to working with you

3) SALES: real artists ship. You can’t count on success until there’s a PO in your inbox. But how to do this without resorting to pushy tactics, desperation or discounting?

Would you like to learn how, in 90 days, you can:

✅ Double your LinkedIn connections and followers

✅ Implement a proven, systemised content strategy to drive inbound inquiries

✅ Attract a steady stream of qualified, pre-sold prospects for your product or service

✅ Accelerate your profile, leads and sales

✅ Work alongside me and a group of 12 of your peers, supporting each other and leveraging each other’s networks.