Health and Safety Concerns Raised by Original Gladiators Stars Amid Reboot





The BBC has confirmed the return of Gladiators with an 11-part series reboot, with some of the original cast agreeing with the improvement in health and safety.

Kim ‘Lightning’ Betts and Mike ‘Saracen’ Lewis appeared on ITV a couple of days ago to discuss the exciting news. Presenter  Charlotte Hawkins raised the issue of health and safety on the show, which sees a generation of athletically elite stars compete against contestants in a variety of challenges.

Kim Betts  agreed with the need for tighter health and safety since the Saturday night staple last aired on ITV in the 1990’s. 

She said-

“You’ve got to keep everybody sound and people don’t realise the amount of injuries contestants and gladiators got. We were running out of contenders. We thought we would have to go out on the street and grab them in.”

She continued saying – 

“I understand the health and safety side of it, but are the games going to be as exciting as they were? The element of risk and that risk of danger is what excited people, I think. It was incredible to perform as well because the adrenaline was really on a high.”

The BBC has said the new series will include brand new games alongside classic challenges, culminating at the end of each episode with the ultimate challenge- The Eliminator.

News of the return was announced at the Edinburgh International TV Festival as Kate Phillips, Director of Unscripted at the BBC, paid homage to one of the iconic lines from the original series, adding-

“I can confirm on my first whistle it’s coming back.”