Health & Safety AFTER Brexit….

Health and safety protections, and your duties to protect the health and safety of people, will not change with Brexit. ​

We have made minor amendments to regulations link to external website to remove EU references but legal requirements, and the protections these provide, will be the same as they are now.​

After Brexit you should continue to manage your business and employees in a proportionate way to reduce risk and to protect people and the environment Your obligations to protect people’s health and safety will not change with Brexit.

Maintaining standards

Whatever deal the UK leaves the EU with, or in the event of no-deal, HSE’s approach to regulation is to preserve the UK’s high standards in health and safety and to continue to protect people and the environment.

Chemicals industry guidance

Get the latest information on regulating chemicals to help you prepare for Brexit.

No-deal guidance

We have produced guidance to help you prepare in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal (and therefore without implementation period). ​

More No-deal guidance

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