Health and Safety, Key to Achieving a Successful Commonwealth Games – Williams

Tor Bennett Williams, a health and safety advisor at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth, has stressed that health and safety were essential to achieving a successful Commonwealth games.

Williams is part of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) team which has spent 12 month preparing for the games taking place in Birmingham UK.

During the countdown to the games, 24 year old Tor has been looking after non-competition sites including hotels for competitors and guests, warehouses, transport depots and the athletes training venues.

Tor has also been responsible for training and corporate inductions, making him the ‘face’ of OSH, along with duties ranging from risk assessments to supporting workers wellbeing.

“It’s about looking after people behind the scenes, and I’ve absolutely loved it. Athletics is something that’s vert personal and close to my heart,” said Williams.

When the games begin, Tors attention will switch to monitoring, site inspections and providing guidance if required. “The hard work will be done by then” he added.

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