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Hero Of The Month – Lisa Ramos – Health and Safety Impact Speaker

Hero of the Month, March – Lisa Ramos

Every month we put the spotlight on a person, company or organisation who is doing something positive for the health and safety industry. This month our ‘Hero of the Month’ is Lisa Ramos, here is her story –

On Friday, the 24th March 2006 (the same day as her son Kieran’s 13th birthday) Lisa Ramos went into work in a Warehouse as usual, before the end of the day her life was changed forever. She was knocked to the ground and her leg was crushed by a reversing forklift, resulting in devastating injuries and ultimately an above the knee amputation.

The aftermath of such a traumatic accident affected not just Lisa but also her husband Dave and their son Kieran, together they have dealt with PTSD, drug misuse, multiple surgeries and so much more.

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Lisa now travels the country speaking to others and highlighting not just the dangers of workplace accidents but also the affects on family and loved ones. To find out more about her story or to engage with her online check out her LinkedIn profile or contact us.


Lisa is not the only one…

Every year there are approximately 1300 serious injuries, as a result of a forklift accident.  That’s roughly 5 each working day.  Serious injuries commonly occurring include, de-gloving, crushing, long bone fractures, and amputations.  57% of those injured by fork lift trucks, were not driving the truck at the time of the accident. Workers over 45 and HGV drivers waiting for lorries to be loaded and unloaded, have the highest fatality rates. (statistics courtesy of Lisa Ramos)


If you would like to nominate someone to be our next ‘Hero of the Month’ email info@hsepeople.com

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