Horrific X-ray shows why you should never put your feet on a car dashboard

An emergency service worker has shared a grim reminder of why you should never put your feet on the car dashboard.

Chris Lee, an Emergency Medical Technician based in Cornwall, posted a picture of an X-ray on social media which shows the devastating effect of someone who had their feet on the dashboard of a car.

He added that the female suffered life-changing injuries, and posted the scan to highlight the importance of keeping feet in the footwell of vehicles.

He tweeted: “There’s a reason why we ask you not to put your feet on the dash! Hopefully this will help illustrate it! Feet in the footwell – Please! #Fatal4#Feetdown#NoToDashSurfing#RoadSafety .”

The female reportedly suffered a broken pelvis, as well as two major injuries to their legs.

After another Twitter user commented: “Disclocated leg and a broken femur. Did the patient survive?” Chris replied: “They are survivable injuries but these will be life changing for sure.”

Source – https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/horrific-x-ray-shows-you-3764367 and https://twitter.com/ChrisLeeTM