HSE People Panel – Tom Baines – Safety in the Middle East

The HSE People Panel is made up of specialists across different areas who have volunteered to share their insight and experience with the HSE People network.

Tom Baines was born and raised in Sunderland one of the largest ship building cities in the world up until the 1980’s. Tom relocated to London and like most professionals of our generation fell into the Health and Safety career path.

Rolling forward to today he has spent 27 years doing one of the most challenging but rewarding jobs in the world across multiple sectors and countries and truly making a difference. The last 13 years he has spent working for multinational companies at executive level in the Middle East and globally developing strategies, overseeing multibillion pound project portfolios and also the privilege of  providing advisory support and solutions to government entities.

Throughout his career he has had the pleasure to know and become friends with so many people and to those that know him well it takes a lot to stop Tom talking! Maybe one of his positive attributes, but mostly the passion for what he does.

Having been in this career for so long and across many countries you know every day broadens your horizons, will bring new challenges and crises, but with teamwork you can achieve much more.

More recently Tom returned back to the UK firstly to be with his wife and two teenagers and to focus on an ambition of setting up his own company www.HSEQOneStop.com

Service Offerings

We are now in a time of significant change including the way we now live and work and with the creation of HSEQ OneStop our aim is to share this global experience and provide cost effective solutions that educate, advise and provide support to start ups, small, medium size companies.

Want to know more or to ask Tom a question? Get in touch info@hsepeople.com