HSE People REBRAND – Including ESG and CSR Under the HSE People Network

HSE People is proud to unveil our new logo and tagline incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility as well as Environmental Social Governance under the Health, Safety and Environmental banner.
We believe that the health and safety of the planet is as important as that of employees and workplaces which is why we have decided to rebrand our business and widen our scope. We will continue to provide vital resources to the members of our network with corporate responsibility and social governance included.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG)?

Corporate Social Responsibility is where companies incorporate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and communication with stakeholders.

Environmental Social Governance is often referred to as sustainability. ESG relates to the company’s business model and how its products and services add to sustainable development.

Are they the same thing?


To look at it simply, CSR is descriptive and conceptual whereas ESG can be measured and counted using numbers. The importance of companies investing in ESG can not be understated, it isn’t about money or profit but a company’s ethics and putting sustainability at the forefront. End users are increasingly willing to pay more for a sustainable product, purchasing decisions do not stop at quality or cost but now social, environmental and ethical factors must be considered.

HSE People will endeavour to do what we can to continue to support our members in Protecting People, Places and the Planet.

HSE People is committed to working with clients whose products and services help our members carry out their demanding and sometimes dangerous jobs. If you would like to find out more about working with us please get in touch – +44 1572 768 834 info@hsepeople.com