HSE People Update

If the rest of the year is anything like the first three months of 2021 then the HSE and PPE industry are in for an exciting and interesting future. HSE People is working with more companies than ever sharing important resources and information to our members. Carrying on from last year the trend of online and virtual events seems to be continuing, HSE People can co-host your event or promote your webinar/conference/exhibition to our members.

Why work with HSE People?

  • Our network contains over 350,000 industry relevant professionals
  • HSE People is entirely independent with no large parent company or affiliations
  • We have a vast social media presence across the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook
  • We release 3 monthly e-magazines SAFETECH, Salus and The PPE Safety Showcase with a reach of over 500,000
  • We only promote relevant content that our members will be interested in for maximum engagement
  • HSE People has very limited marketing, advertising and email slots so our members don’t feel overwhelmed and spammed
  • Prices star
    t from as little as £199/€230/$275 and we can work with you on producing effective content

What do we provide?

  • Publication and promotion of articles, press releases and advertorial content
  • Advertise online an
  • d offline events including personally inviting our members
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media marketing including LinkedIn direct messaging

We are not resting on our laurels, as the HSE and PPE industries continue to evolve and so do we! We have some exciting new developments including –

  • A new resource section that will include access to toolbox talks and the latest health and safety rules and regulations
  • The HSE People Panel who will share their expertise and knowledge across areas such as food safety, construction and ergonomics
  • Our new e-magazine focusing on energy and offshore industries

Want to know more? Contact the HSE People team on info@hsepeople.com or +44 1572 768 834