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HSE People is an online community of Health, Safety and Environmental and PPE professionals. As technology continues to advance and evolve we understand how important it is to share resources about software, apps, AI and other new technology.

SafeTech is our e-magazine which focuses on technology in the safety and PPE industries. Including blogs, articles, information about events and much more.

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Compare the Digital Maturity of QHSE Management Systems

Peoplesafe App – a round the clock solution keeping staff safe

If you’re looking for a safety solution that will provide reassurance for your workforce in these uncertain times, a simple …

Leveraging DnA to transform the DNA of workplace safety management systems in industrial companies

Digital and advanced analytics (DnA) are described by McKinsey as being the technologies that have the potential to transform manufacturing …

HSE People Interview with Duncan Davies, CEO of Notify Technology

HSE People: Duncan, thank you so much for joining us. We are really keen to find out more about Notify …

From Connected Helmets to Methane Drones: What’s Next for TotalEnergies?

  French oil giant TotalEnergies operates oil and gas production facilities, refining and chemicals sites and service stations throughout the …

Employee Perception, Health and Safety, A Top Business Risk in 2022

As an employee, whether at the corporate office, school, retail store, or health care institution, safety and security is now …

The Noise at Work Regulations – What the recent changes mean for you

What the recent changes to the Noise at Work regulations mean for you It has been more than 15 years …

Leading European EHSQ SaaS Provider Outperforms Growth Expectations

EcoOnline, the leading European EHSQ SaaS provider of digital solutions to create safer and more sustainable workplaces, reports good financial …

1 in 5 British frontline workers fear job loss from reporting workplace issues and over 3/4 don’t feel listened to

Operations, safety, and health and wellbeing deemed the most important topics within an organisation Feedback from the Field research report …

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